The Baltimore Ravens conclude a very hectic top half of the 2017 NFL Draft. How did they do with their first-round selection of Marlon Humphrey?

The Baltimore Ravens added some solid pieces to their secondary in free agency. Former Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr brings a reliable presence, and former Cardinal Tony Jefferson provides depth at safety. Despite those free agent signees, the Ravens could use an injection of young talent in their secondary.C.J. Mosley Jersey After moving on from veteran edge-rusher Elvis Dumervil, they could also use a young linebacker.

On offense, the Ravens could use a stud running back, and a wide receiver to offset the retirement of Steve Smith. Sure, Baltimore added some guys at both positions in free agency.Eric Weddle Jersey They have bodies at both positions, but could use a dynamic playmaker.

So, with needs on both sides of the ball, the Baltimore Ravens select Marlon Humphrey, the cornerback from Alabama.

The Ravens drafted for need with this pick.Elvis Dumervil Jersey There were better players on the board, and Baltimore passed. Alabama defensive lineman Johnathan Allen, who was predicted to be a top-10 pick, was still available when the Ravens went on the clock. Baltimore also passed on the best linebacker in the draft with Reuben Foster. However,Dennis Pitta Jersey none of this is to say that Humphrey isn’t going to be a good player.

Standing at 6-0, and nearly 200 pounds, Humphrey has prototypical size for a No. 1 NFL corner. He is also an outstanding athlete, clocking in at 4.41 seconds in his 40-yard dash.

Perhaps Humphrey’s best trait is his willingness to hit. He’s one of the most physical players in the draft. His coverage skills are also up to snuff, but he has the tendency to get burned on a deep ball now again.

Overall, the Ravens made a solid selection,Justin Tucker Jersey albeit a slight reach. Time will tell if they made a good call passing on the other talented Tide defenders, but Marlon Humphrey should be a staple of their secondary for years to come.

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